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    • Hi Everyone,   I just wanted to make a post on the forums to get some content going!!   Helping support the server through beta testing has been really rewarding thus far.  Kudos to everyone that is working hard to find those bugs, eradicated them and continue to develop the server each day.  I am really excited about some of the features that are going to be implemented and the way that they will generate lots of RP opportunities and accommodate different play styles.   Who knows how long it will be before we go live (soonTM), but there are already plenty of differences on the server that make it stand out from other RP servers.  I am looking forward to watching the community grow and hope that I can continue to support the server, dev staff and community as this project gathers pace and attracts new players!   Splurge complete!   See you in Altis!
    • Hello all, kooki here. Looking forward to a fresh start on a new island. Can’t wait to see some familiar faces again, as well as meet many new ppl. 
        see you there! 
    • *****Incoming Transmission***** --- Establishing Connection --- -- -- --- Connection Established ---   --- Sender: Executive Solutions 2.0 --- Subject: Recruitment --- Message: Due to recent stability issues in the region of Altis, Executive Solutions 2.0 Headquarters has granted funds for a local chapter and recruitment drive, and it is with these funds we are listing available positions within the group. Executive Solutions 2.0 is a group that maintains order in chaos by projecting force and control, we work outside the law and sometimes against the law to secure the best interest of our backers, therefore we must project unyielding control in the darker sides of the world, maintaining peace through combat. We secure lucrative initiatives for our employees and reward active members handsomely. Executive Solutions 2.0 is currently looking to fill 5 positions at the time of this message, we seek competent people with skills within these key areas:
      - Ground vehicle usage, including light and heavy vehicles - Ground vehicle evasive driving - Small arms - Trading & communications - Aircraft usage, including light, medium and heavy - Aircraft evasive flying - Diplomacy - Negotiations   While having skills within multiple, if not all, key areas is preferred, having skills within 1 of them is deemed sufficient.   Further general requirements for applicants: - Age 17+, while under special circumstances exceptions may be made - Have a functional radio (microphone) - Knowledge and willingness to use all Executive Solutions 2.0's communications channels - Proficiency in English and/or Danish - Willingness to commit to the causes of Executive Solutions 2.0 - Willingness to follow and obey rules set forth by Executive solutions 2.0 and Eclipse - Willingness to do morally dubious things in the name of the greater good (break laws)   If you can agree to these terms your employment can be discussed in further detail by sending a message to us over this frequency or by contacting Karka255 or danishgamertv on a handful of communications channels (discord, TS or steam). --- Applications will be reviewed when server launch is announced --- -- -- --- Static --- ***** Transmission End *****
    • I know youve all missed me of course